The idea for The Neural Health Project began when Dr. DeeDee Maltman received a call from her friend Mike Babcock (coach of Detroit Redwings Hockey Team and Olympic Gold Medal Coach) following the deaths of their friends Ian Buckwold and Jordan Chartier. Mike asked DeeDee what she thought they should do to support the area of mental illness. These two individuals and their families have been involved in creating a number of events over the years, to support various health care initiatives and their Foundations. Dr. Maltman said to Mike "this has to be so much more than a fundraiser; we are going to have to dive deeper to help make meaningful change happen in the area of mental health." It  was through this conversation that the idea of The Neural Health Project was born and along with that, the need to have a major campaign and ongoing fundraising initiatives to raise community awareness and funds to support the project. On July 24th, 2015, the “One Voice” fundraiser was held with tremendous success, raising 1.2 million dollars to support a new approach to mental illness in our community.